Featured Artist in November 2008
The Tender of the Crows

9" tall
One-of-a-Kind Papier-mâché Scarecrow Nodder
with Fall Harvest

Beautiful fall foliage, fields of corn stalks and pumpkins, apple orchards, and Thanksgiving come to mind when I think of November. It is also a time of year when farmers' crops are harvested and taken to market. It calls to mind the scarecrow - a familiar and irresistible figure of the rural landscape.

I had a few large glass domes just waiting for something special, it seemed the perfect time to make one a home for my soon-to-be scarecrow nodder. It also seemed fitting to set a few pumpkins and gourds by his side. The idea of crows flying around his head seemed amusing, hung from the inside of the top of the dome. If the dome was removed however, the crows would not be there to "annoy" him, so I changed my mind. One thing leading to another, and the idea came of having him holding a mobile of crows flying around. Instead of trying to scare away the crows, he is now "tending" them instead... one friendly fellow indeed!


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